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The Virginia State Animal Response Team (VASART) was created through a private-public partnership to serve as a unifying network of organizations, businesses, federal and state government agencies, and individuals that supports the prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery for emergencies affecting animals. Because disaster response needs to happen at a local level, VASART will build Community Animal Response Teams (CARTs) across the state. Community coordinators will be selected to lead the development of community teams consisting of volunteers who will respond to emergencies at the local level. Join your community state animal response team or if one is not created yet, help us get a CART started in your community.

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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Response Update

The Virginia Veterinary Medical Association would like to share important information with you about Hurricane Harvey disaster response.  The key organizations and agencies responsible for that response in Texas have expressed gratitude for the outpouring of offers to help, and would like the veterinary community to know the following:

1. Don’t self-deploy!

While the good intentions are appreciated, a systematic response is essential for effective, efficient progress of response and recovery efforts.  Self-deploying volunteers can actually complicate and add to the work of local emergency management officials.  Please do not enter a disaster-stricken area unless you are part of an organized response team with authorized access.

2. Donate if you can

Emergency officials say the best way to help at present is to donate to reputable organizations that will funnel the right aid to the people and pets who need it.  You might consider these: