Tips in An Emergency

Tips for Protecting Your Animals in a Disaster

  1. Keep a “Pet Emergency Kit” ready. The kit should include: a few days worth of medication, your pet’s medical and vaccination records, a picture of yourself and your pet, a leash, collar, identification, water, food, toys, and bedding.
  2. Make sure that your animals have some form of permanent identification such as a microchip, brand, tattoo, etc.
  3. Another idea is an emergency contact card. These cards are available for pets and livestock at:
  4. Purchase a pet carrier and label it with emergency contact information.
  5. Store water and feed for emergencies.
  6. Create a contingency plan for animals including horses, live stock, etc., in an emergency situation that addresses transportation, water and feed resources, and areas for confinement if needed

Other Useful Resources

1. ASPCA –

2. ASPCA –

3. CDC –

4. FEMA –

5. FEMA –

6. AVMA –