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Emergency Companion Pet Sheltering Course                                                                A 16 hour training course which covers disaster preparedness, emergency operation plans, the incident command system, health and safety, animal handling, emergency animal shelter set up and tear down procedures, and volunteer duties. This course concludes with a table top exercise which allows participants to apply the skills and knowledge gained during the course to a disaster response scenario.
CEUs offered:
Animal Control Officers – 4 hours

Emergency Preparedness and Operations for Animal Control Officers and Shelter Operators
A 4 hour training course which covers planning for common emergencies and major disasters that may affect animal shelters and the pets in their communities.
CEUs offered:
Animal Control Officers – 4 hours

Pet First Aid and CPR
A 4 hour training course which covers recognizing a pet emergency, safe handling of pets in distress, recognizing and protecting against common zoonotic diseases, performing emergency first aid procedures on pets, performing CPR on pets, and safely transporting pets to a veterinarian.
A 2 year certification and certificate card are awarded upon completion of the course.
CEUs offered:
Animal Control Officers – 4 hours

Pet Rescue for First Responders – Large and Small Animals
A 6 hour training course developed for EMS providers who may respond to calls involving animals which covers pet CPR, proper use of pet O2 masks, animal resuscitation, and animal behavior and handling for responders. This course is recommended for emergency medical personnel from emergency medical responders to paramedics and is taught in three 2 hour sessions.
Category 2 CEUs offered:
EMS Providers, Emergency Medical Responders, and Paramedics – 2 hours per session

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