A CART is a Community Animal Response Team. CARTs are the grassroots level responders in an emergency in which an organized response to meet the needs of animals is required and are components of a State Animal Response Team (SART). If activated on either the local or state level, CARTs respond under the auspices of emergency management.

CART members can include animal control officers, cooperative extension agents, sheriff’s personnel, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, animal industry personnel and concerned citizens. All CARTs have a team leader who coordinates planning and response efforts with the local emergency management office and the Office of the State Veterinarian. CART leaders are also responsible for submitting the document “Community Animal Response Team (CART) General Information and Response Capability Statement” to the SART Board of Directors for review and approval. Each CART member must meet certain criteria and present documentation, licenses and/or certificates, where appropriate, related to the role or present evidence of knowledge/skills germane to the desired role for review by the team leadership. All CART members must complete certain training courses as detailed in the guidance document “VASART Organizational Structure: Roles and Responsibilities.”